Gastrofest Jacksonville 2015 – highlighting a growing local food scene in Jacksonville FL

GastroFest 2015 will be happening at Hemming Park on March 21st, 2015, from 11AM until 10PM.

GastroFest Jacksonville 2015

The goals of the Gastrofest Jacksonville organization are focused on helping the community, by fostering a thriving local food scene in Jacksonville, Florida and putting the Northeastern Florida Region “on the map” as a culinary destination.

GastroFest Jacksonville FloridaTo move closer to accomplishing their goals, GastroFest 2015 will be celebrating Jacksonville’s culinary notables with tastings, talks, films, and even workshops, throughout the day.

Many of the local restaurants and culinary notables have websites and several social media platforms to build a searchable presence online.

Jax SEO Works is fortunate to know several of the culinary notables who will be participating in Gastrofest 2015:

Heather Borders of Kailo Nutrition, with a variety of services to help empower people with the nutrition education and tools to implement a healthier dietary lifestyle.
Jax SEO Works was part of the team who helped Heather develop her Kailo Nutrition website.

Chef Amadeus a Jacksonville native and Winner of Food Network’s Extreme Chef Mexican Showdown, he is currently a celebrity traveling chef. He prepares meals for his clients in their homes across the Country, with his own blend of salt free spices, which he calls, “Southern Passion“. Southern Passion brand spices are available online on his Chef Amadeus website, and at various locations.

Florence Harridan of Conscious Eats, the social enterprise of Character Counts! in Jacksonville, has established a healthy and tasty environment to work with individuals who are dedicated to creating new lives for themselves. To encourage the process of personal evolution, the work at Conscious Eats and (Conscious Market, located in Jacksonville Farmers Market) is an environment which is highly collaborative and supportive.

Gastrofest 2015 will be a positive event for the Jacksonville community; a multitude of opportunities to learn more about food and ways to prepare it, and to network with people who appreciate good food.

Need help getting started building your online presence? Contact Jax SEO Works; we like helping people improve their business visibility online.


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Recognizing Women in Business

business meetingMost people appreciate when their hard work and dedication is recognized.

Networking with others in business, especially in businesses that relate to your own can help you gain new insights, which can improve your business.

Many women in business have excelled in leadership, vision, networking, and contributions to their businesses and their community, but their accomplishments are not shared in the media as often as for their male counterparts.

Here are a few, current opportunities to help these ladies in business who have inspired and encouraged others, to be recognized for their accomplishments.

Women Business Owners of North Florida Women in Business Awards - 20151. The Women Business Owners of North Florida, 2015 Women in Business Awards.

The Awards event will be held on March 31, 2015, but don’t wait to submit your nominees.

Categories include “ESTABLISHED ENTREPRENEUR of the Year”, “UP & COMING ENTREPRENEUR of the Year”, “CORPORATE LEADER of the Year”, and “PIONEER of the Year”, each of which is defined on their Women In Business Awards web page.


Southeastern Small Business Magazine 2015 Top Women of Influence2. The SouthEastern Small Business Magazine Top Women of Influence Awards.

The Awards look for women in business who are bold, energetic women, capturing the spirit of progress, helping shape a vibrant, inclusive economic and social future, throughout the Southeastern United States. More information and access to the Nomination form is available by visiting the Southeastern Small Business Magazine’s Women Of Influence webpage.


Derrick "Headlines" Hayes making a presentation to Shaq in 20133. A “Derrick Interview” by Encouragement Speaker, Derrick “Headlines” Hayes.

Derrick “Headlines” Hayes is a professional encouragement speaker, who has interviewed and written stirring articles about experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars from all over. Based on your recommendation and the information provided about your nominee for the Derrick Interview, Mr. Hayes will develop a very personal and impressive article about your woman in business, and share it on his website. Please note that the subject of Derrick’s articles are not solely to recognize women in business; men may be nominated for a Derrick Interview as well. To nominate someone, please visit the Derrick Interview page on his website.

By recognizing and encouraging others, we are helping to lift them up, and making our community a little bit better.

If you have questions about any of these programs, please Contact them directly for more information.

If you would like some help setting up a website for your small business and getting more visibility for your business on the internet, please contact Jax SEO Works. We like to help!


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Buy American – Buy Local

Make your Christmas and Holiday gifts more special this year; Buy American, and Buy Local.

Flag of the United States of AmericaThere are so many good products and services that are Made In America, why not give presents from some local creative people?  You can give memorable gifts this year, help fellow Americans, and do something that really makes a difference.

Many American entrepreneurs have started small, local businesses to provide quality products that are made in America.  No need to be feel limited to the poorly made, easily breakable, and sometimes downright dangerous gifts that have been mass produced in foreign countries.  Now is a great time for you to Buy American and Buy Local, and support local small businesses in our communities. Another positive, Win/Win idea is to cross promote with other small, local businesses.  The goodness you do in helping to promote other small, local businesses will come back to you.

Here are some Great small, local businesses we have worked with:

Visit these websites, and leave a helpful comment on an article you like, Contact them for an appointment, or buy one of the products and services they offer.

  • They are all good people, too!

All About Health Care Advocates – professionals providing relief, research, referrals and reminders to patients or their loved ones

Arbus Magazine – northeast Florida’s only art and business magazine

Angela Dunn, @blogbrevity on Twitter, sharing positive, interesting messages in 140 characters or less, founder of the future + tech discussions via @ideachat  (also on Twitter), and helping others to store and curate content on

Bonnie’s Floral Designs – creating beautiful floral arrangements in fresh cut flowers and silk

Borders Woodworks – designs and builds custom cabinets, furniture, and built-ins

Conscious Eats – creating and providing healthy food and a positive experience, as part of Character Counts in Jacksonville!

Dixie Supply Bakery & Cafe – serving up Great Southern food in Charleston, South Carolina

Derrick Hayes – internationally known encouragement speaker

the Engagement Ring Studio – excellent selection and help to find the ring of her dreams

First Coast Focus – marketing and management solutions to small businesses on the First Coast

Galaxy Builders – residential, commercial, eco-friendly, even solar

Gutter Solutions & Waterproofing – solving water problems from Pensacola to Jacksonville

Hank Watson, CPA – accounting and tax services to individuals, non-profits, and small businesses

Holly Gordon Photography – creative photography of people, places, and things

iMakeThat – digital meets art – digital marketing, photography, video, social

Jacqueline A B Davis – Miz Jackie’s catering and promotions

Jacksonville Yoga – offering Yoga classes, MELT classes, and massage therapy to help you feel and look Great

K Bart Photography – a photographer who loves playing with light and images, to draw some emotion from viewers

Key Theory – helping people succeed on the web, using strategy, design, and social media

MAC Hair Studio – creative hair salon, spa, massage therapy, weddings, and more, in San Marco

Permamarks – a new way to create a permanent link to preserve online content

Rock My Image – the strategic marketing team to make your brand Rock!

Shannon Miller Lifestyle – health and fitness for women

Spectrum Jacksonville – including films, video, and interactive – where imagination meets reality

The Old Maid Cat Lady – Providing a carefully selected variety of cat accessories, cat supplies, cat lover gifts, and even cat books

Tom Trotta – Ameriprise financial advisor

Torres Creative – creative designs, print and marketing services

Your Etiquette Style – providing business etiquette training to help you polish up, move up, and stay on top

Support other small, local businesses in your community, not just during the Christmas holidays, but all year long.  Cross promote with other small, local businesses in your community.  And every opportunity you get, remind people to Buy American!  HooRah for the USA!

If you have suggestions for promoting small, local businesses, please share.  Sharing is good!

If you would like help improving your small business website, or your digital marketing, please Contact Jax SEO Works.


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Basic SEO

searching on the internetWho hasn’t searched the internet for a business website, but then when they found the site, they left un-satisfied because they couldn’t find the information they needed?

And many business owners are frustrated to have a website but get very few website visitors and even less conversions (business from the website).

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your website to get a better ranking from search engines and to get more website visitors than websites which have not been optimized.

What helps optimize your website for search engines and visitors?

  • Use good long-tailed keywords.
  • Good, helpful, interesting content.
  • Easy to use navigation, so your website visitors can easily find what they came to your website looking for.
  • Website design to create interest in your website (and your product or service).

With millions of websites on the internet, each search engine (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo!, About, etc.) uses their own set of algorithms (calculations) to evaluate each website, and then arranges them according to best in their opinion, first, in their search results based on each user’s query.

“Content is King.” Has been the motto of many people who help optimize websites to rank better in search results. Original, interesting, focused, content will rank better than rambling content that makes no sense. Photographs related to the web page topic, with appropriate optimization, will help improve ranking, too. Related videos also help ranking, as can links from and to the various website pages.

And Search Engine Optimization guidelines continue to develop and change as search engines try to provide desired results for internet users.

Often, some professional insight can help you get started in the right direction to your website goals.

Contact Jax SEO Works for help to improve your internet presence.




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Prepare your website for your target audience.

The prospective clients, the group of people that you want to reach through your website, are your target audience.

a Target Audience for your WebsiteWho is your target audience ?

Depending on the topic of your website, your target audience could be

  • world wide, or for a certain area of a specific city,
  • for people of any age, or of  a determined age  group,
  • for e-commerce, or for sharing information about a hobby or common interest, etc.

How will your target audience find your website ?

Consider the topic you selected for your website, then define what the people in your target audience would search the Internet for in order to find your website.  Make a list of words and short phrases you think your target audience would use to search for your website.

Google Trends can help your website.

Here is where it would be helpful to have some idea what words and short phrases your target audience would use to search for your website, if you could just ask them.  Google features Google Trends, which you can use to determine how many people search for a word or short phrase.  Google Trends even allows you to compare words and short phrases (from the list that you made) to see which ones more people are searching for. If your website is primarily for local interest, you can refine your Google Trends response for a country and city.

Less searched words and phrases.

  • What if some of the words and short phrases you know significantly help describe your website don’t appear to be as popular on Google Trends ?
  • What if some of your words or short phrases haven’t been searched for enough for Google Trends to have any data to respond to your request ?

Your list should include some more popular words and short phrases, to increase the probability of your website being found by your target audience. But you can also include words and short phrases on your website that you know significantly help describe your website even if they don’t appear to be as popular on Google Trends. If a member of your target audience is as familiar with the topic of your website as you are, they may search for that same word or phrase, and that could help them find your website

Borders Woodworks of Jacksonville, Florida - logoFor example, looking at words for a client’s website, Borders Woodworks, a local Jacksonville, Florida woodworking shop, talented in design, crafting, and installation of custom cabinets, furniture, and built-ins,

we compared:

  • woodworking
  • custom cabinets
  • custom furniture

and Google trends showed us that woodworking is more frequently searched for.  We use the less frequently searched phrases in the content text on the website.

But search word trends are always changing, so you should periodically check how your search words are trending for your target audience in you analytic data, and adjust them accordingly.

“A and B” testing, that is to say trying similar but different approaches to the same goal can also help you find out what works best for attracting your target audience to the website, but that will be another Jax SEO Works article.

If you would like to get better results with your small business website, Contact Jax SEO Works. We enjoy helping others.


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Building Your Network

Part of growing your business is growing the network of people you know and work with.

People enjoying a meetingYou can socially network with others in your trade or profession as well as networking with clients and potential customers.  Sometimes one sort of relationship (social) leads to another (business), but don’t push your business/sales – focus on building relationships. The important thing at social meetings is to be yourself; friendly, helpful, and fun.  Don’t try to create an image to impress others; let your own qualities shine.

Find organizations in your local area that you are interested in.

Visit their meetings.  Get involved with the groups you enjoy.  (If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, it will just stress you and your unhappiness will be obvious to others.)

For example, we enjoy going to Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetups.  Our group, hosted by Kenny Harper, often held at CoWork Jax, meets on a monthly basis; a gathering of people interested in marketing and advertising, small business owners, entrepreneurs, web designers, website search engine optimizers, graphic designers, and others just interested in finding out more about marketing and advertising online.  We enjoy the positive, sharing atmosphere of the meetings. The group has evolved from the Jacksonville Search Engine Optimization Meetup, which shared many similar interests, and which was founded by Michelle Chance-Sangthong.

Try this out yourself.

Think about some groups that you’d like to find out more about. Go visit them and get to know them. Start building your network!

Need help getting started building your online presence? Contact Jax SEO Works; we like helping people improve their business visibility online.


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Better Business and Charity

It’s just better business practice to support your community and support charity.

How can you benefit your business and do something good for your community?  Get involved in your community and help to support a local charity.

For example, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month; there are many local charities that you could volunteer your time and your services to help.

Here in Jacksonville, on October 1st, 2012 alone, you can take part in:

Pink Ribbon Symposium1. The Pink Ribbon Symposium at the Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts, in Orange Park.

It’s a free event that offers multiple breakout sessions for your questions with answers from medical experts.  You can join others in volunteering to help to promote learning about breast cancer, survivorship, good health and wellness issues.

Victory in Pink2. Victory In Pink is a Celebration of Women Who have Fought Against Breast Cancer by St. Vincent’s Healthcare, at the St. Johns Town Center.  The Celebration is a free event and will include the Pretty In Pink fashion show, with makeovers and massages, the Ladies Night Out Breast Cancer survivor fashion show and education.

And, there will be a special Victory In Pink After Party (with hors d’oevres, gourmet cupcakes, a champagne toast, music, winter fashions, and dancing – - Proceeds from this ticketed event benefit Cancer Services at St. Vincent’s HealthCare through the St. Vincent’s HealthCare Foundation).

Bands Against Breast Cancer - Guitar logo3. Bands Against Breast Cancer, a group currently conducting educational and informational activities throughout the First Coast area, is holding their 4th Annual Boobsapalooza, their major fundraiser, with ten bands playing on two stages at Lynch’s Irish Pub.  Founder Henrietta “Hank” Watson has led a group of dedicated volunteers to help educate and empower women to save their own lives in the battle against breast cancer.

Think about a cause you believe in.  Give some of yourself, your time, your services to help.  You’ll feel good for what you do and you will get good back for what you do, just like the motto of Business Networking International, “Givers Gain”.

Do you have a story about how you have helped out with a charity in your community that you’d like to share?  Please send it to us via our Contact form.  We’d like to share your positive story to inspire others.


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CoWork Jax – collaborative office space comes to Jacksonville

UPDATE – In 2011, CoWork Jax was a project in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, giving people a place to create and maintain a professional business while networking with other innovative freelancers, entrepreneurs and assorted creative professionals.

CoWork Jax in downtown Jacksonville, Florida logoThe people of CoWork Jax needed to share their concepts online, and Key Theory created, developed, and launched the CoWork Jax website, which brought more participants to the Downtown CoWorking Weeks, held in Jacksonville, Florida in the spring of 2011.

Key Theory and Jax SEO Works teamwork helped the CoWork Jax website to get initial better search engine ranking with Search Engine Optimization of the website and online press releases,  in support of the CoWork Jax strategic marketing plan.

Over the years, more and more people are finding out what a wonderful collaborative community is easily accessible in downtown Jacksonville, at CoWork Jax.

We are proud to have helped launch online awareness of this positive business place, CoWork Jax.

If you have a local, small business and would like help improving the online visibility of your business, Contact us at JaxSEOWorks! We like to help.


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Black Creek Services, Inc. – Small Engine Repair

Black Creek Services, Inc. logoRecently we helped Jimmy Stockton of Black Creek Services, Inc. with a website and some online listings for his small engine repair business.

Jimmy provides mobile small engine repair service in Middleburg, Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Orange Park, and the Greater Jacksonville area, as well as repairs in his Middleburg, Florida shop. Black Creek Services, Inc. offers quality and professional maintenance and repair service for lawn mowers, lawn tractors, portable generators, pressure washers, just about anything powered by a small engine.

a walk behind lawn mower with a small engineWe built and launched the Black Creek Services, Inc. website for Jimmy, and the online business listings have helped improve the visibility of his business on the internet, and he is already starting to get results.

If you need reliable maintenance or repair for your lawn mower, lawn tractor, pressure washer, or portable generator, just Call Black Creek Services – 904.449.3986.

And if you need help getting your small business on the internet, Contact Jax SEO Works; we like to help small businesses.


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Fall Harvest – How is that like Social Media Networking?

Fall, the time of year when we think of harvesting the crops that have been growing all through the summer.

Pumpkins at harvest.Think of your social media networking (FacebookTwitter, Linkedin, reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.) as opportunities to make and grow new social connections, making new friends and participating in new communities.

Some business people confuse social media networks as advertising platforms, and attempt to SELL, SELL, SELL, with every comment.

Then they wonder why others don’t come running to buy their product or service.

Oddly, the same people will turn the volume down on their TV when a commercial comes on, or change the TV channel, or leave the room for a snack or bathroom break.

Interesting to me that they don’t enjoy hearing pushy advertising, but they expect others to like their pushy advertising comments on social media.

Not that you can’t mention your business, your product, or service to your social media connections, but that you need to be more social than focused on advertising.

You need to get to know others.  Tell them a little about yourself and what you like.  Share a helpful, positive, informative, or even funny comment.  Think of social network platforms like social functions where you are interacting with real people.  If you only talked about your business every time you went to a social gathering, you would be pretty boring to others.  You need to develop human connections before you occasionally mention something interesting about your business.

As talented Internet marketing professional Michelle Chance-Sangthong, the Online Marketing Goddess, once said.

“Are you building trust into your marketing? Do you deliver on your promises? Your social media activity should be a positive extension of your brand, of your values and of your corporate promises. It should not be a bunch of “clatter” that constantly talks about how wonderful you are.”

If you cultivate trust in your social networks, you will be able to harvest the results of your efforts socially and in your business as well.

If this make sense to you, and you would like to get more ideas how you could get more social with your clients in your business, please Contact Jax SEO Works. We like to help small businesses do better.


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