CoWork Jax – collaborative office space comes to Jacksonville

UPDATE – In 2011, CoWork Jax was a project in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, giving people a place to create and maintain a professional business while networking with other innovative freelancers, entrepreneurs and assorted creative professionals.

CoWork Jax in downtown Jacksonville, Florida logoThe people of CoWork Jax needed to share their concepts online, and Key Theory created, developed, and launched the CoWork Jax website, which brought more participants to the Downtown CoWorking Weeks, held in Jacksonville, Florida in the spring of 2011.

Key Theory and Jax SEO Works teamwork helped the CoWork Jax website to get initial better search engine ranking with Search Engine Optimization of the website and online press releases,  in support of the CoWork Jax strategic marketing plan.

Over the years, more and more people are finding out what a wonderful collaborative community is easily accessible in downtown Jacksonville, at CoWork Jax.

We are proud to have helped launch online awareness of this positive business place, CoWork Jax.

If you have a local, small business and would like help improving the online visibility of your business, Contact us at JaxSEOWorks! We like to help.


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Black Creek Services, Inc. – Small Engine Repair

Black Creek Services, Inc. logoRecently we helped Jimmy Stockton of Black Creek Services, Inc. with a website and some online listings for his small engine repair business.

Jimmy provides mobile small engine repair service in Middleburg, Fleming Island, Green Cove Springs, Orange Park, and the Greater Jacksonville area, as well as repairs in his Middleburg, Florida shop. Black Creek Services, Inc. offers quality and professional maintenance and repair service for lawn mowers, lawn tractors, portable generators, pressure washers, just about anything powered by a small engine.

a walk behind lawn mower with a small engineWe built and launched the Black Creek Services, Inc. website for Jimmy, and the online business listings have helped improve the visibility of his business on the internet, and he is already starting to get results.

If you need reliable maintenance or repair for your lawn mower, lawn tractor, pressure washer, or portable generator, just Call Black Creek Services – 904.449.3986.

And if you need help getting your small business on the internet, Contact Jax SEO Works; we like to help small businesses.


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Serenity Suite NYC – Skin Care and Massage Therapy

Professional Skin Care and Massage Therapy at Serenity Suite NYC in Greenwich Village.

Serenity Suite NYCThis spring, with help from website developer and digital marketer Kenny Harper of Key Theory and Rock My Image, we launched Serenity Suite NYC about a skin care and massage therapy business; restorative, healthy services offered in the historic Washington Square Hotel in Greenwich Village, in New York City.

Located in New York City, the Suite provides clients with high-powered careers; entrepreneurs, talents of the fashion industry, actors and even opera singers who literally come in between shows, meetings, or before getting on a plane for the skin care or massage therapy treatments that they need.

personal treatment space at Serenity Suite NYCThe focus of the Serenity Suite NYC website is to let people who live in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, or who will be traveling nearby, know about the variety of personal services that the Suite provides:

  • Facials – European Facial, Oxygen Facial, Double Oxygen Facial, Microcurrent Facial
  • Peel
  • Diamond Microdermabaraision
  • Microcurrent Treatments – Microcurrent Facial, Microcurrent Body
  • Massages – Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Heated Stone Massage
  • Waxing Services
  • Sun Free Tanning

If you have a small business and you want to let more people know about the goods or services you provide, Contact Jax SEO Works to find out more about how we can help you!


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5 Tips for a Better Website

Want to know some easy things you can do for your website to make it better?  Want more website visitors?

Take a closer look at your website.Here is a short list of tips to get you started thinking:

  • Is you contact information accurate and current? If your e-mail address is wrong, or your telephone number, or even the street address of your business, you need to get that corrected.
  • When was the last time you checked your links? Go through your site and check the internal and external links to make sure all are working.  Your website maintenance will be appreciated by your website visitors.
  • Does your website have a copyright date posted in the footer of each page? A current year copyright is a positive reflection on your website.  The copyright date should either be kept current or not be posted on your website.
  • This is a good time to go through the main pages of your website. If it has been a while since your last review, check your content for edits and updates.  You may want to share a new perspective or new talent or a different insight on the topic.  Work on a better way to share your ideas with your website visitors.
  • And don’t forget to check your navigation links. Even if you have a sitemap, your website visitor will appreciate being able to easily move around on your site.

Did you think of something else for a better website?  Please leave a comment.

If you’d like help improving your website, Contact us!


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Jacksonville Web Designer Kenny Harper is a Very Social Person

Kenny Harper is a creative and talented, Jacksonville, Florida-based web designer and owner of Key Theory, LLC, and part of the Rock My Image team, who continues to expand his social network of friends and followers.

Kenny Harper, Jacksonville Florida-based web designer.Kenny has over 10 years of professional experience in freelance web design, website development, and social media optimization in the advertising industry.   As part of his professional work, he meet people in many different businesses and with a variety of creative skills and experience.  His Kenny Harper Design website displays his portfolio of website design and development work, and his growing list of recommendations.

Social interaction is an important part of Kenny’s personal and business life.

Many of his new clients are referred by friends, fans, or previous and current clients.  And social connections also share new, helpful ideas and concepts.  Connecting to form a large social group of friends and like-interested people provides a better opportunity for exchange and development.

Sound like a good thing?  Want to get more social?

For some examples, Kenny is active in

and other groups that combine for social and business development.  Kenny enjoys being active in his community, and meeting new people and making new friends at these social activities.  A real Win / Win deal!

Kenny and a friend, Olaf Guerrero, owner of Ravenous Creations, have been helping others to improve their social presence with their Rock My Facebook services for custom Facebook pages.  A well planned custom Facebook page is another way to meet and impress new social connections for you and for your business.

There’s a bunch of interesting and fun people out there, who’d like to meet you and get to know you better, so get social, and that will also help your website and your business.


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What is Google+ ?

The top search engine on the planet, Google, has launched a new social media platform that they call Google+.

Google +You can use it to connect with people socially.  It’s kinda like Facebook, but not exactly.  It’s kinda like Twitter, but not exactly.  This is still a relatively new platform and is growing in popularity as an online social community.

Thinking about getting into Google+ ?  

Google+ is one of the many marketing topics that has been discussed by the friendly group of business people, web designers, developers, optimizers, programmers and more, who meet monthly to share knowledge and experiences, and make new friends in a postive Meetup group, the Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup (JOMM).

The Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup is hosted by Kenny Harper, and usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month, at the friendly and popular shared office space, CoWork Jax in downtown Jacksonville.

This friendly, growing group was previously known as the Jacksonville SEO Meetup, hosted by experienced e-commerce entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker, the talented Michelle Chance-Sangthong.

To keep up with events, and find other friends who’ve already joined the group, and to sign up, visit the  Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup Facebook page and the Jacksonville Online Marketing page on


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Business Plan for your small business.

Before you go any further with your small business, gather your ideas and aspirations and make a business plan.

Business Plan for a small businessBasically a plan for any business covers where are you now with your business, and what do you want to do ?

Your plan can be as short as one page; see : “How to create a one page business plan.”.

If you will need a loan to get your business started, you should have a more detailed plan for your business, such as following the SCORE template guide.

A business plan helps you organize your thoughts about your business.

If you are just getting started with your small business, and want to find out more about getting started, Contact Jax SEO Works. We’re here to help.


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Marketing your small business with blogging.

Blogging can help market / advertise your business product or service.

A “blog” (contraction of the terms web log or weblog) is a category of website where brief articles are posted periodically.  In addition to text, the posts can contain photos / images, graphics, or even videos.

Young lady adding content to her website, using her laptop.Many small businesses use blog posts to tell visitors about the products or services that they provide.  They make their blogs interesting and informative.  They post new articles on a regular basis, to keep visitors coming back to see the latest, or to subscribe to the business’ RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed from their website (so the visitors can see the new blogs as they are posted, without having to go to the business’ website).  Then these website visitors buy those products or services.

Blogs can bring more visitors to your website, more customers to your business, and that means more opportunities for sales.

Just remember : When you write a blog for your business, you want to share information about your product or service that sounds:

  • intriguing,
  • exciting,
  • curious and/or unusual (but true),
  • and is easy to understand and remember.

video provided courtesy

Does your business use blogging for marketing and advertising ?

We can help you improve your websiteContact Jax SEO Works today to get started !


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Avoid Duplicate Content on Your Website

Duplicate content on your website can hurt your search engine ranking, and make a bad first impression with your website visitors.  Don’t do it!

twins - but duplicate content can hurt your websiteHave you ever been researching a subject on the internet, and gone to a site and remember seeing the very same wording, on a site you were on just a few minutes prior?  Déjà vu, but not in a good way.

You have probably heard the old quotation from Charles Caleb Colton, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Others call it plagiarism. But search engines do not like seeing exactly the same content on more than one website, just like you don’t.

Even if one web page was published prior to the page with duplicate content, search engines don’t always give the credit to the site that published the content originally. Some search engines drop both websites’ duplicate pages from their listings.

People (and search engine robots) who visit your website want to see what to see your unique and interesting information; what makes your business, product, or topic stand out from others.

To retain credit and search engine visibility for your content, you can see what other websites have posted the same or very similar content at the Copyscape website.

If you find your content on other websites, you can modify your content to make it your own by:

  • adding information that is specific to your own website (this is best)
  • changing some of the words, using synonyms
  • changing or adding headings
  • restructuring several sentences in each paragraph

If you need help with your small business website; getting more website visitors on the internet, coming up with ideas to get better results with your website, updating your website with new articles, Jax SEO Works can help.  Contact Jax SEO Works.


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Buy American – Buy Local

Make your Christmas and Holiday gifts more special this year; Buy American, and Buy Local.

Flag of the United States of AmericaThere are so many good products and services that are Made In America, why not give presents from some local creative people?  You can give memorable gifts this year, help fellow Americans, and do something that really makes a difference.

Many American entrepreneurs have started small, local businesses to provide quality products that are made in America.  No need to be feel limited to the poorly made, easily breakable, and sometimes downright dangerous gifts that have been mass produced in foreign countries.  Now is a great time for you to Buy American and Buy Local, and support local small businesses in our communities. Another positive, Win/Win idea is to cross promote with other small, local businesses.  The goodness you do in helping to promote other small, local businesses will come back to you.

Here are some Great small, local businesses we have worked with:

Visit these websites, and leave a helpful comment on an article you like, Contact them for an appointment, or buy one of the products and services they offer.

  • They are all good people, too!

All About Health Care Advocates – professionals providing relief, research, referrals and reminders to patients or their loved ones

Arbus Magazine – northeast Florida’s only art and business magazine

American Chiropractic and Rehabilitation – offering great chiropractic services in two Jacksonville locations – American Chiropractic in Baymeadows and American Chiropractic in Jacksonville Beach

Angela Dunn, @blogbrevity on Twitter, sharing positive, interesting messages in 140 characters or less, founder of the future + tech discussions via @ideachat  (also on Twitter), and helping others to store and curate content on

Bonnie’s Floral Designs – creating beautiful floral arrangements in fresh cut flowers and silk

Borders Woodworks – designs and builds custom cabinets, furniture, and built-ins

Conscious Eats – creating and providing healthy food and a positive experience, as part of Character Counts in Jacksonville!

Dixie Supply Bakery & Cafe – serving up Great Southern food in Charleston, South Carolina

Derrick Hayes – internationally known encouragement speaker

the Engagement Ring Studio – excellent selection and help to find the ring of her dreams

First Coast Focus – marketing and management solutions to small businesses on the First Coast

French Fry Heaven at the Avenues – experience “the Best French Fries on Earth”

Galaxy Builders – residential, commercial, eco-friendly, even solar

Gina’s Deli – serving up Great breakfast and lunch in the Duval Honda showroom on Cassat Avenue in Jacksonville, Florida

Gutter Solutions & Waterproofing – solving water problems from Pensacola to Jacksonville

Hank Watson, CPA – accounting and tax services to individuals, non-profits, and small businesses

Holly Gordon Photography – creative photography of people, places, and things

iMakeThat – digital meets art – digital marketing, photography, video, social

Jacqueline A B Davis – Miz Jackie’s catering and promotions

Jax Promospromotional items and trade show giveaways

Jacksonville Yoga – offering Yoga classes, MELT classes, and massage therapy to help you feel and look Great

Key Theory – helping people succeed on the web, using strategy, design, and social media

MAC Hair Studio – creative hair salon, spa, massage therapy, weddings, and more, in San Marco

Permamarks – a new way to create a permanent link to preserve online content

Rock My Image – the strategic marketing team to make your brand Rock!

Shannon Miller Lifestyle – health and fitness for women

Spectrum Films – including films, video, and interactive – where imagination meets reality

The Jax Stache – Fan’Stache-Tic Euro-stickers, Caps, V-Neck Tees and Tees to show KHAN DO ATTITUDE!  And Go Jaguars!

The Old Maid Cat Lady – Providing a carefully selected variety of cat accessories, cat supplies, cat lover gifts, and even cat books

Tom Trotta – Ameriprise financial advisor

Torres Creative – creative designs, print and marketing services

T-Shirt Bordello – a variety of funny t-shirts featuring creative artwork

Your Etiquette Style – providing business etiquette training to help you polish up, move up, and stay on top

Support other small, local businesses in your community, not just during the Christmas holidays, but all year long.  Cross promote with other small, local businesses in your community.  And every opportunity you get, remind people to Buy American!  HooRah for the USA!

If you have suggestions for promoting small, local businesses, please share.  Sharing is good!

If you would like help improving your small business website, or your digital marketing, please Contact Jax SEO Works.


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