We hear some questions about websites so frequently, we set up this FAQs page to help.

Frequently Asked QuestionsIf you have a question about improving your website that you would like answered, please share it – Contact Jax SEO Works.


Will a blog improve the search engine ranking of my website ?

Just having a blog on your website doesn’t improve the search engine ranking of your website, but if you add to your blog with unique posts that are interesting, helpful, or even funny, you are adding new content to your website and both search engines and website visitors like that. You should add a blog to your website and you should post new content on your blog on a regular basis. As you add new articles to your blog (and new content to your website) search engines and visitors will come to your site more frequently, to see what is new. Blogs are certainly one way of easily adding new information to your site. Newsletters archived on your site can provide a similar benefit, as can archived press releases, or a popular forum.

For even more benefit from your blog, get social and invite your reader to begin an exchange of information by adding their insights and comments

  • Do you have another tip for how to . . .?
  • Have you heard of any other . . .?

You can also post your blog to blog sites like Technorati, and Blogarama, with links back to your website, for even more visibility for you and your website.


Where are the best places to use my keyword phrases on my website?

Although some people will say that keywords aren’t as important on a website as they used to be, how do you search for information on the web?  You type in a keyword or phrase, and then search.

Finding keywords and keyword phrases that relate to your business, and using them properly on your website will help your website rank better. We can help your business by researching keywords and keyword phrases, then help you decide the best way to use them to make your website interesting and informative.

Where should you use keywords? In your website content (anywhere from 3 to 5 of these per page) in 1) your meta Title, 2) in the page content/text, and 3) in the anchor text of onsite links (and backlinks to your site from other websites).

Anchor text is the clickable text that visitors see, and is part of the HTML code link.

A poor choice for anchor text would be “Click here”.

A better choice for anchor text would be using a keyword or phrase for your website, such as “Contact Jax SEO Works“, using the name of your website to link to your contact page.


What is Black hat SEO?

Black hat Search Engine Optimization often employs practices such as excessively repeating keywords on website pages, hiding black text on black page background (or white text on white page background, etc.), flooding keyword meta tags with huge numbers of keywords, and other methods to trick the search engines. Years ago, these practices fooled search engines into ranking the websites higher. Search engine continue to evolve and the alogrithms (formulas) they use to rank websites are no longer fooled by what are considered to be black hat SEO methods to improve website ranking. Websites that are caught applying Black Hat SEO methods are penalized for their use.


What is White hat SEO?

Jax SEO Works uses White hat SEO methods. White hat SEO methods include researching good keywords for your website, adding fresh, unique, interesting, helpful or even funny content to your website, and adding good links and backlinks and a blog to your website. Read more about our SEO practices.


What is Social Media?

Social media allows the user to post content, to create peer-to-peer conversations. It can be text, audio, or video, and social dialog in the form of comments is encouraged.  A blog is a form of social media, or a video on YouTube, or use of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


How can a business use Social Media?

Social Media  for businesses is all about building positive relationships with your followers, because people won’t buy something from you if they don’t trust you.  We can help you create a plan for sharing content on social media. Certainly information about your business accomplishments, products and services are good to share periodically, but to get more people interested in your business, we will help you establish a plan to build a positive image of your company, to build trust and build a following.
Social Media for business is not the place to rant about your competition, and the topics of sex, money, politics, illness and religion are also best left to personal posts. We will work with you to help you succeed in social media for business .


Do you have a question about your business website that we didn’t answer here? Just Contact Jax SEO Works; we like to help entrepreneurs and small businesses do better business using their website.