Karma and Business

When you do good, good comes back to you.  That’s Karma.

Karma - Yin and YangIf you help another small business, for example by recommending their products or services, chances are they will appreciate your helpful gesture and return the kindness.  If you add a link to another business to your website, it will help your website, as well as help theirs.  And if they link back to your website, too, even better.

When you share a Facebook post or ReTweet, something interesting or helpful from a friend or another small business, you are paying it forward, which is best done if you do not expect anything in return; goodness is its own reward.

For example:

Rock My Network is holding their Leveraging LinkedIn workshop on January 31, 2013 – geared towards those who may already be on LinkedIn, but want to take full advantage of the Power of LinkedIn for business networking.
For more information and to signup for this powerful workshop, please visit the Leveraging LinkedIn workshop page on Eventbrite.

Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup at CoWorkJax on February 12 will cover SEO Mastermind Sessions for Novice and Advanced, with Search Engine Optimization 101 for Beginners by Mary Fisher Design, Advanced Keyword Research by Discover Tec, and followed by an open SEO Discussion.  For more information and to sign up for this event, please visit the JOMM SEO Mastermind Sessions for Novice and Advanced web page.

From time to time, Jax SEO Works shares stories and links about events and businesses we think would be interesting and helpful. If you have something that you think would be appropriate for the Jax SEO Works website, please Contact Jax SEO Works.

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