Angela Dunn, aka BlogBrevity, is a very social person

Angela, a Digital/Social Strategist and Blogging and Ideation Expert, shares thought provoking and very informative articles with many readers and followers of her website.

Angela Dunn, aka BlogBrevityShe also has a growing following for her Saturday Morning Gratitude posts, which are both inspirational and uplifting.

On Twitter, Angela enjoys sharing insights as @BlogBrevity.

Her Tweets have attracted a lot of followers; she has over 4,500 currently.  In addition, as the founder of #ideachat and #smchat, she has periodically hosts discussions of interesting topics, using a selection of questions that gets the participants thinking and sharing very creative thoughts in less than 140 characters.  Last November, Angela was a speaker at TWTRCON, the premier Twitter conference for business, in San Francisco.

And to be even more social, Angela is not only an online presence, she increases her popularity with personal appearances and social media presentations, like:

  • “Twitter and Blogging for Business 101”
  • “17 Great Post Ideas for Business Blogs”
  • “Content Curation for Twitter: How To Be a Thought Leader DJ”
  • “Your Personal and Professional Digital Brand”
  • “ROI in Social Media: Return on Influence”

During a conference on “Innovation in Social Media and Healthcare”, Angela did a Prezi presentation “Innovators are Conversation Architects” for Ideagoras in Spain.

Here’s a short video of her presentation.  I think you’ll like it.

Get to know Angela Dunn on her website, or join in her Twitter chats, or in person if you get the opportunity; you’ll be glad you did.

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