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Support a Charity – Boobsapalooza to fight breast cancer

A good way to build public trust in you and your business is to show your support for a charity or charitable event.

Ready for Boobsapalooza Fun for BABCCharities give back to your community, and the public can appreciate the goodness that you are doing by supporting a charity.  Also, your participation in charitable events will give you more social networking opportunities.

Help where you can.  Do good.  The good that you do will be a positive reflection on your business.

One of the charities that Jax SEO Works and Key Theory supports is Bands Against Breast Cancer.

BABC (Bands Against Breast Cancer) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering women to save their own lives in the battle against breast cancer.  Each year, BABC holds its major fundraising event, Boobsapalooza featuring a group of great, live bands playing stages at friendly local venues, like  Lynch’s Irish Pub, at 514 First Street North in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The event is usually held during the month of October, since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Lynch’s brings a taste of Ireland to their Jacksonville patrons.

Find out more about this charity – visit the Boobsapalooza page on the Bands Against Breast Cancer website!

Find out even more – visit our Bands Against Breast Cancer Facebook page!

Have you helped your community by supporting a charity?  Share your positive story in a Comment to this article.  :)

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Small Business Marketing to Attract New Customers

Attracting customers with beautiful Merry-Go-Round horses.What do you do to attract new customers to your business?

Most of us cannot attract customers with a colorful merry-go-round, and so we turn to marketing plans.

There are two general categories of small business marketing:

Outbound or the old “PUSH” marketing – sending out advertisements on websites, in e-mails, on flyers, in magazines.  Based on past experiences with outbound marketing, fewer people react to words like “New!”, “Sale!”, “Amazing!” and other overused terms, and it is more difficult to get the attention of your prospective customers in the clutter.

Inbound marketing – attracting people to your brand and your products with engaging content – attention getting, interesting, useful, helpful information, supplemented with nice, related images and videos.

There are three main points to remember for successful Inbound Small Business Marketing:

1. Make a social connection, using one or more social media platforms for your business.  Use social media that you are comfortable with.  Remember to add regular updates, and occasionally mention your product or service, or a special event you are hosting, but not all the time.
An optimized business Facebook page is a great way to start.  For a better look at how social media can be good for small business, take a look at this social media article (with infographic) on the Social Media Today website.

2. Get more attention for your message with interesting, topic-related images and videos. Creating a YouTube video channel for your short, optimized business videos and then sharing those videos in your website blog articles can be a real boost for your site’s ranking. More ideas for your small business videos – ask clients to send in videos of themselves using your product, or ask them (ahead of time) about making videos of your personnel providing your service, then feature some of those videos in your blog articles, and then share the articles (from time to time) on your Facebook business page.  If you post information about a business event that your company is hosting, be sure to suggest that your Facebook followers share the information. (“Please share this.”)

3.  After attracting these potential clients, don’t forget to provide a CTA (Call To Action).  As excited as you may be to get hundreds of visitors reading your blog article, you also want to get them to engage with your business.  Ask a question and invite them to share an opinion, Ask them to share their experience in a similar situation.  Tell them if they have any questions about the information you’ve shared, you’d be glad to provide your insight and make sure your telephone number and link to your Contact page are prominent on your website.

How is your small business marketing going? Do you have questions about this article?  Do you want to help market your business better online?  Contact Jax SEO Works.

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Karma and Business

When you do good, good comes back to you.  That’s Karma.

Karma - Yin and YangIf you help another small business, for example by recommending their products or services, chances are they will appreciate your helpful gesture and return the kindness.  If you add a link to another business to your website, it will help your website, as well as help theirs.  And if they link back to your website, too, even better.

When you share a Facebook post or ReTweet, something interesting or helpful from a friend or another small business, you are paying it forward, which is best done if you do not expect anything in return; goodness is its own reward.

One of the local, friendly and helpful internet marketing groups that is open to the public is the Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup. The public group is open to entrepreneurs and people in local small businesses, as well as marketers who like to share their knowledge and experiences as well as learn from others. A great opportunity to make new friends while learning new stuff.

From time to time, Jax SEO Works shares stories and links about events and businesses we think would be interesting and helpful. If you have something that you think would be appropriate for the Jax SEO Works website, please Contact Jax SEO Works.

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A website can benefit a small business.

make your website stand out, like one sunflower in a whole fieldThe Internet is huge!

There are over 600 Million websites on the internet!

How can your website stand out among so many websites, to let people know about your small local business?

A well built and optimized website can help more people in your community find out about your business, and what makes your business special.

Anyone can have a basic website made and launched on the internet.

And who hasn’t heard promises to “Get your website on the first page of Google search results”?

What helps your website stand out from all of the millions of other website is when you put the facts about your small local business on your website, telling your story about your service or business, and what makes your business special.

No one  else can tell what makes your product or service special like you can.

Is it how you always have a fresh flower for each lady who comes to your store?

Is it that your service people put on a clean set of overalls and booties when they get to your home?

Or that they roll out a durable carpet protector to make sure they don’t leave a trail across your living room?

Or that you use only lawn care chemicals that are safe for pets and kids?

You know what makes your small local business stand out, what makes it special, and Jax SEO Works can help you create a website or improve the one you have, to share that special message with your community.

Social media has become an important way of letting your community know about you and your business.  Often, a Facebook page can help you share timely updates with clients – sales, specials, new products or services, new employees, and more.  People buy from businesses that they trust, and social media can help your community fans get to know you and build that trust.  LinkedIn profiles for a business owner and members of the business team can also help people get to know the people who make the business work.

Jax SEO Works is experienced in helping small local businesses get better results with their website, and build trusting relationships with their community using social media.

If you would like a website built for your business, or get your business website revised and updated, or find out more about getting started in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Contact Jax SEO Works today to get started !

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Marketing Ideas for Your Business

This may sound rather basic, but you can find lots of helpful marketing ideas on the Internet.

researching on her laptopSearch the Internet for online marketing and digital marketing, and also for the product or service that you offer on your website to find:

  • infographics, memes, articles, and lists
  • bulletin boards and forums, all discussing helpful ideas that may be used for improving your website.

The more you research, the more helpful information you will find. Often, you can find information that will spark ideas for a new advertising campaign, maybe a fresh outlook for the content about the product or service you offer, or a different application for your product or service, or find businesses to collaborate with for mutual benefit.

The main thing to remember is that you need to keep learning. You can’t expect the marketing ideas on the website that you built (or had built) five years ago to take care of you forever. Website maintenance – updating and adding new and interesting articles, checking for broken links, backing up your data files – that stuff is important. And you need to keep up with what is changing in your part of the business world, or you and your business get left behind. Remember Blockbuster video and game rentals? Now they have been eclipsed by Netflix.

Make it a habit to do a little marketing ideas research for your own benefit each day. Take notes of things you find interesting and each week, review your findings and decide which ones merit action and which ones are just good to know.

And the next time you socialize, either on the internet or “live and in person” you’ll also have some interesting information to share with your peers.

Is your small business website getting you the results you need? Do you get lots of website visitors, but very few people contacting you? Or do you get very few visitors to your website, and are baffled by your lack of visitors? Often Jax SEO Works can take a look at a website and make recommendations for several changes that could result in better responses from your website visitors. Contact Jax SEO Works – let’s get started!


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Painting the Jacksonville Jaguar Pawprints – Are You In?

2012 - Painting the Jacksonville Jaguars Paw Prints in downtown Jacksonville, FloridaIf you have a small business, you need to take some time to get involved in community activities.  Support a local non-profit or civic group.  If you support your community, your community will support you and your business.

This year, the Jacksonville Jaguars are asking fans, “Are You In?”

And the excitement is building for the new Jaguars season.

You can join Jaxson de Ville, members of the Downtown Council of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, and your friends and neighbors from around the community for the Annual Painting of the Jacksonville Jaguar Paw Prints, on Saturday, August 11, 2012.

The excitement starts at 8:00 AM on Bay StreetFree parking in the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

Last year, over 200 people showed up to be part of this Great Jaguars Pre-Season event.

Refreshments of Martin’s Coffee, orange juice, cold water, bagels, and doughnuts will be provided.

Once the group gets started, the painting goes quickly, and 263 Paws later, there will be an After Party at Mark’s on Bay Street.

Get more information and sign up for this Great, Pre-Season Event, by visiting the Painting of the Jacksonville Jaguar Paw Prints event on Facebook.

Our Thanks  to Bonnie Arnold of Bonnie’s Floral Designs for her help for the community and the Heads Up on this year’s event.

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Discount Pricing

Discount pricing – getting your small business going involves setting your pricing, after evaluating how your estimated prices compare with your competitor’s pricing.

But once you know what a fair market value is for the product or service similar to what you offer, do you discount that price to use price as a differentiator with your competition?

Discount PricingWhether you will be charging by the product, project or service, or by the hour, sometimes, it may be tempting to discount your prices, dropping your prices just slightly below what your competition is charging, to try to make some sales.  This sounds like a good way to get some work for your new business.  Of course, you would plan to bring your prices back in line with what others in your profession are charging, as soon as you feel you can keep bringing in customers.

The problem is, if you reduce your pricing below what it costs you to do a project, it means you will have to do more work to make the same amount of money that you needed to make for each job.

As an example:

2 hours at $50 / hour = $100

but 2 hours at $40 / hour only = $80, so you have to do MORE WORK to make the $100 to pay your bills.

Taking a loss to get work will just make you work harder.

As talented speaker and e-commerce whiz Michelle Chance-Sangthong of Online Marketing Goddess once said, “Don’t discount your prices so much you discount yourself out of business!”

Need help getting started with your small business, Contact Jax SEO Works – we like to help small businesses.

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Volunteer to Help

A great way to make more social connections and get more customers is to get involved and volunteer to help or sponsor an event in your business community.

helping handsVolunteer to sponsor and / or help in a charity event, an environmental clean-up of a community area , or a beautification project, or sponsor a local amateur sports team.   Advertise the event on your business website, donate some of your product, and or some of your services for use as prizes; doing good things like this and giving back to your business community helps with more good publicity about your business.  Whether its your business name and number on the back of young athletes’ t-shirts or links back to your website from your listing on the charity website, the goodness that you’ll give to others, you’ll get it back, and more.

For example, the Shannon Miller Lifestyle Women’s 5K and Children’s Fun Run.  The Women’s 5k, the Children’s Fun Run, the SML Health Fair with FREE screenings and vendor booths – something to benefit the whole family, and it’s all for raising money for the Shannon Miller Foundation, to fight childhood obesity.  You can become a Sponsor for the event, or volunteer to help and share your skills and talent; it’s a WIN – WIN situation.

Think about it for a minute. What can your business do to help your local community, and let more people in your community know about your business?

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Automated Answering Message

What sort of automated answer message does your business telephone number have?

Does your caller hear a message like:

on a cell phone, listening to an automated answering machine messageHello, this is (your business).  No one is able to come to the telephone now, but if you will please leave your name, telephone number, and a brief message, we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I was recently surprised to return a missed call and hear:

Hello, if you would like to be removed from our calling list, please press 1.

No business name, no promotional message, but sending a message that sounded to me like their business believed most callers would not want to hear from them again.

When you answer your ‘phone, take a breath and think what kind of impression you want to send to the person who’s calling you, and smile, because people can hear the smile in your voice.

Have you heard some strange automated answering messages?  Please share them with us in a comment.


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Hey, do you hear that sound?  That’s Opportunity knocking.

Making lemons into lemonadeThe nation’s economy is on a rollercoaster, but if you hear opportunity in all the noise, then now is the time to help your business; improve your online presence, increase your search engine rankings, and make some “lemonade” out of all of these “lemons”.

Some businesses are folding up, cutting back, even looking for work in other, larger businesses.  Instead, we can help you make those small changes that will have big returns.

Jax SEO Works and Key Theory are helping small businesses optimize their business websites.

By using SEO techniques and social media concepts, with some strategic planning, we can help you make your site rank higher in search engines for certain key terms.  Optimizing your website for related terms will increase the probability of your site being found sooner, too. And, the easier people can find your website, the more traffic your website will get, and more sales for your business.

Want to understand more about SEO?  This YouTube video will help.

Contact Ken at Jax SEO Works to get started today!

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