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Business Marketing – Collaborate with Good People

Business Marketing is necessary to keep your business going.

We all want to do more, but there are only so many hours in a day.

Projects can be easier if you are working as part of a collaborative team.  A team of good people working with you can help improve your business exposure to new potential clients, and help you continue to grow your business.

Rock My ImageMost of us have developed good working relationships with other small business owners, and even refer business to them when the need seems like a good fit.  These associations are sometimes called affiliates, and being introduced and recommended by others can help build and extend your brand.

Kenny Harper of Key Theory, Jen DeVore of Marque by Design, and Manny Torres of Torres Creative have launched a collaborative venture, Rock My Image, a strategic marketing team to work with design and image aware companies.

Rock My Image will develop cohesive and creative marketing campaigns for clients that need strategic planning, message development, creative execution and deployment in all mediums.

You probably can think of some other small businesses that you can collaborate with to benefit the community as a team; a team effort able to accomplish more than an individual small business could?

For example, your business may re-roof homes, and you may collaborate with another small business who installs vinyl siding.

Or your business may be a neighborhood gym, and you collaborate with local small businesses that sell sports shoes, sporting clothes, and healthy, organic food.

There are lots of ways to collaborate and help others and also help your business.

Are you already part of a collaborative business effort that you have found helpful?  Please leave a Comment so we can share your idea to help others.

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Painting the Jacksonville Jaguar Pawprints – Are You In?

2012 - Painting the Jacksonville Jaguars Paw Prints in downtown Jacksonville, FloridaIf you have a small business, you need to take some time to get involved in community activities.  Support a local non-profit or civic group.  If you support your community, your community will support you and your business.

This year, the Jacksonville Jaguars are asking fans, “Are You In?”

And the excitement is building for the new Jaguars season.

You can join Jaxson de Ville, members of the Downtown Council of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, and your friends and neighbors from around the community for the Annual Painting of the Jacksonville Jaguar Paw Prints, on Saturday, August 11, 2012.

The excitement starts at 8:00 AM on Bay StreetFree parking in the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

Last year, over 200 people showed up to be part of this Great Jaguars Pre-Season event.

Refreshments of Martin’s Coffee, orange juice, cold water, bagels, and doughnuts will be provided.

Once the group gets started, the painting goes quickly, and 263 Paws later, there will be an After Party at Mark’s on Bay Street.

Get more information and sign up for this Great, Pre-Season Event, by visiting the Painting of the Jacksonville Jaguar Paw Prints event on Facebook.

Our Thanks  to Bonnie Arnold of Bonnie’s Floral Designs for her help for the community and the Heads Up on this year’s event.

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Start a blog on your small business website!

A blog is a good way to communicate with your website visitors.A blog can be a part of your social media program, a way to reach out and begin communicating with your web site visitors.

Your small business blog post can share something interesting, helpful, believable, and sometimes even something funny.

Pick a topic for your blog that you can relate to your small business.  Your blog topic should be something you know about, or you will have to do research just to find subjects to blog about.  For example, if your business installs gutters, consider blogging about home improvements.

Do some research on the Internet.

  • Find out which small business blogs / bloggers are rated most popular for your blog topic.
  • Read some popular blog posts.
  • If you can add helpful information to the discussion, leave a comment and a link to your web site. (It is considered bad manners to just leave a comment like, “Nice article.” or “Very informative.”, followed by your name and web site link.)

A blog is a good way to communicate with your website visitors.Your blog posts can mix in a little marketing, advertising, and promotion, and should always include an easy path for web site visitors to contact you for more information.

Your goal should be to make new posts on your small business blog on a regular schedule, for example two to three times each week.  Regular posting also adds new content to your web site, which both visitors and search engines like to see.

What do you think ?  Do you have any other ideas to share ?

Like some help improving your small business web site?
Contact Jax SEO Works today!

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