Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller launches Shannon Miller Lifestyle: Health and Fitness for Women

America’s most decorated gymnast, Shannon Miller, launches her new company and its website.

The focus of the website is Shannon Miller Lifestyle: Health and Fitness for Women.

Shannon is a passionate spokesperson for women’s health issues. As a new mother, Shannon saw a need for more relevant and convenient healthy lifestyle information for women.

Miller has filled this void with her website (http://shannonmiller.com/lifestyle-home) . Shannon continues to improve her website with rich content. Her focus is to provide something of interest for every woman.

Regardless of their profession, all women struggle to find time for themselves. They are always on the go, and often serve as the primary caregiver to their family and friends. Shannon’s website provides professional and interactive user content. Its goal is to provide women with convenient tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a popular public speaker, Shannon’s focus is to both inform and entertain.

In regard to her company’s vision Shannon states, “My goal is to empower women with the knowledge and education they need to make informed decisions on health and fitness for themselves and for their family.”  Shannon continues to travel the country as a motivational speaker and as an advocate for the health and wellness of women and children.

The Shannon Miller Lifestyle website was originally designed and developed by Kenny Harper of http://keytheory.com, and Olaf Guerrero of http://www.ravenouscreations.com/ . They worked closely with Shannon Miller and a team of great people from Spectrum Creative here in Jacksonville, Florida.  Jax SEO Works also helped with some of the development work, including optimizing the new website for search engines. We also helped expand and improve early website online visibility.

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