Reviews, Evaluations, and Testimonials

When consumers are looking to find a service or product, they often look for reviews, evaluations, and testimonials.

SearchingWhat kind of experience have others had with this business?  Are there many good reviews, or mostly complaints?

One way to share the positive evaluations of your business is by adding a page of testimonials or referrals on your business website.

Our family dentist, Dr. Ted Haeussner, has a great domain name for his new website –  Ted has been our family dentist for almost 20 years, and keeps up with technical developments in the dental profession through his active involvement in a number of professional organizations.  Ted’s patient’s benefit because he is vigilant to provide the latest in dental care practices, procedures, and treatments for us.  Recently, I suggested he add a Testimonials page to his site, to allow his patients to share their stories.

What business couldn’t benefit from a positive review, evaluation, or testimonial?  As my wife, Yvonne, and I plan for our future, we appreciate the clear and strategic financial planning advice we have received from our financial advisor, Tom Trotta.  Sharing your knowledge and experiences with others is just a helpful thing to do.

In your evaluations, testimonials, and referrals, your website visitors are looking for

  • customer thoughts and hesitations,
  • a little personality,
  • and how the product or service improved the customer’s quality of life,

not hearing what a great product or service your business has, or a sales pitch.

You can also post your evaluations, testimonials, and referrals on your social media platforms, to continue to build trust and credibility, and encourage interaction with your customers.

It’s OK to mention your product or service from time to time, but remember that social media conversations should be mostly human interaction – helpful, interesting and/or fun.

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