With SEO, we optimize your website to bring you more website visitors, which can lead to achieving more sales.

Magnifying glass- to help search engines find a website.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of practices and procedures that are proven to make your website better.  We optimize your website so it is easier for search engines and customers to find.  People are using search engines that 20 years ago would have used a telephone book to find a business or service.  You want search engines to list your website on their first several results pages, because generally that is about a far as most people want to look to find the information they are looking for.

Obtaining good ranking on search engines involves a lot of different factors, and search engines are always changing their website ranking criteria. There are many factors that will increase a site’s rank over time. Our strategy focuses on good site content, and proper website  development.

Search Engine Ranking
We focus on improving organic search engine ranking of your website, which takes longer to achieve, but also has longer lasting results. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can be used to get quicker results. We will work with you, and recommend the best optimization plan for your business and your budget.

Kenny Harper of has a good introductory video to SEO concepts.

Some of the components that our strategy can provide to improve websites include :

  • Creating a balance of Content and images / video
  • Make interesting page meta titles, meta descriptions, and select more popular (but still appropriate to your topic) meta keywords and how the words in these meta tags are reflected in respective page content
  • Update or remove broken links, and insert effective CTAs (Calls to Action)
  • Evaluate client’s brand visibility on the Internet periodically

Some people might try to tell you that search engines don’t look for “keywords” any more. But the truth is, what ever someone puts into the search box on that search engine, and then sends it out searching for, that’s what used to be called a keyword or keyword phrase.

For example, if you want to find a deli in Orange Park, Florida, you put in “deli orange park florida” and then Search.
Let’s say you are the Deli owner, and you are located in Orange Park, Florida. What happens if you don’t tell people that in the content on your website? How can you expect anyone to know about your business?
Sure, search engines have gotten smarter in the last few years. When you put in one phrase, they often give you similar topics that might also be what you are looking for.

We help your website be found by search engines for the products and services you provide.

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