Jacksonville Entrepreneur Michelle Chance-Sangthong is a Very Social Person

Michelle is a Jacksonville, Florida-based, recognized online entrepreneur, but between her talented use of the internet social platforms, and her adventuresome touring ventures, her fans and followers continue to grow in numbers.

Michelle Chance-Sangthong - Speaker, Author, and Online Marketing ConsultantEven though Michelle has an impressive portfolio of examples of success in helping other businesses to improve their websites, their marketing programs, their internet presence, she generously shares her knowledge with others, thanks to her friendly, cheerful, helpful personality.

She continues to engage with and increase the number of her many fans and followers through interesting, helpful, and informative interactions on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, blog posts, and social speaking events.  For some examples, she has been a speaker on small business topics for Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce meetings, she is the founding organizer and a frequent program contributor for the Jacksonville Online Marketing Meetup.

Michelle helps other entrepreneurs with small businesses take their online marketing and e-commerce websites to new levels with The Online Marketing Goddess. She published a very helpful e-book that is now available on Amazon – “Incremental Marketing on a Micro Budget”.  Actually, Michelle has impressed so many people, that she now has a waiting list of people who would like her help with their online business!

But even with this level of success, she remains discrete and doesn’t flood her social interactions with desperate plugs for her business.  She makes and builds social connections, and occasionally might mention something about her business.  Like she and others have said, social networking is for social interaction; too much business and it sounds spammy.

There’s a bunch of people out there, who’d like to meet you and get to know you better, so get social, and that will also help your website and your business.

If you would like help with your small business website, from basic social networking to website re-design or maintenance, Contact Jax SEO Works. We want to hear from you.

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