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Selecting Keywords for your Website.

Good keywords are important to have in your content.

Magnifying glass- to help search engines find a website.A keyword is a word or short phrase that you think people may use to search for the product, service, or topic of your website.  The content on each page of your website needs to include some of these keywords, so people and search engines can find your website.

Tips for Selecting Keywords

To select some good keywords, you need to do some keyword analysis; you need to do some research to see what words other people are using most often to search for the business, service, or topic of your website, and then evaluate your results to pick the keywords that should work best for you.

You can develop your list of possible keywords by listing :

  • all of the keywords that you can think of that you might use for a search engine to find a website on your topic,
  • all of the keywords that are similar to possible keywords you already listed (a Thesaurus may be helpful),
  • keywords used by your more popular competitors:
    1. One at a time, go to some of your competitor’s websites,
    2. On your browser’s menu bar, select View, and then Page Source,
    3. Scroll down the new Source page for <META NAME= “keywords”> tag,
    4. Find any keywords that could also be applied to your website.

Here are some more free Internet resources for keywords :

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Need a web page keyword?

A web page keyword is a word or short phrase that is important to you and your business.

For each page of your web site, you should pick a word or short phrase to be the main focus of that page, and then include that word or phrase several times on the page.

Containers of fresh, locally-grown, organic strawberries.

photo by bschlough via stock.xchng

For example, if you are selling fresh, locally-grown, organic strawberries, you would certainly want one page to feature “organic local strawberries in Jacksonville”, several times on the page, so search engines could tell that subject was important for that page, and so your web site visitors would have several reminders about that product as they read your website page. (Of course, it is always good to add a nice, related photograph to your web page, too.)

The source code for that web page should include a meta keyword tag, listing your “organic local strawberries in Jacksonville” keyword.

While some search engines such as Google have stated that they do not use keywords to rank pages, other search engines still do, so keywords are still important.

Current search engine ranking practices appear to favor focusing on one keyword or keyword phrase per page. This trend has the added benefit of encouraging websites to grow is size (number of pages) which also helps web site rank.

How many times should you use your keyword or keyword phrase on a web page? I have seen suggestions ranging from three to five times per page, but you should consider what would appeal to your visitors. Ask a friend to read the page, and then ask for their response.

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